Woodkid Moodboard

ID card

Nationality : French
Year of birth : 1983
Birthname : Yohann Lemoine
Label : Green United Music
Genre(s) : Baroque pop
Last album : The Golden Age (2013)


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YouTube234K followers
Twitter : 291K followers

“Run Boy Run”


Why Woodkid?

Woodkid is a musical but also stylistic snap. The fact that the guy is also French makes it even better, so let’s not shy away from a little jingoism for a multi-talented artist who dares to play with contrasts, and, as it happens, quite successfully.
With Yohann Lemoine, you will enter a dimension stuck between 1990s Brooklyn and the Amish Country, with a music which has nothing to do with either of those things. Woodkid is synonym of contrasts. He announced last year his departure from the music scene, leaving behind him millions of fans who dream of a comeback from the French prodigy.

Woodkid in three key ideas

– Tracks built like cathedrals, maximalist and imposing, with a fantactic ear for baroque pop melodies
– A sensible warrior universe, made of eery lack and white dreams
– A surprisingly angelic voice

Looks to borrow from Woodkid

– The antifit jog pants with a suit jacket and a pair of white sneakers
– Dare the shining necklace with a large flet hat
– The oversized tee with a skinny 5-pocket pants


– Black and white, of course
– Burned colours : orange, ocher, brown

Main photo credits: Alex de Brabant