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Peter Doherty
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Nationality: English
Year of birth: 1979
Bands: The Libertines, Babyshambles
Label: EMI Records
Genre : Indie-Rock
Last album : Anthems For Doomed Youth (The Libertines, 2015)


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“Fuck Forever”

“Don’t Look Back Into the Sun”

“Last of the English Roses”

“Gunga Din” (live Canal+)

Why Peter Doherty?

If you read the project page, you know Hedi Slimane is a very big influence for us, and guess who’s been one of his “muses”? Our friend Pete! He is indeed one of the most iconic figure of the brit rock rebirth of the years 2000, a romantic figure in the litterary sense of it, with a cursed poet look, a punk dandy… In short, a guy who left his touch on fashion and whose style is extremely interesting, and not just because Hedi thinks so.

Peter Doherty in three key ideas

– You know the drugs, his relationship with Kate Moss which got him in front of every tabloid in the world a few hundred times, but I would rather highlight the the man’s songwriting talents, who wrote many greatlyrics and music, some of which became anthems for (doomed) youth, some are simply wonderfully crafted and can be listened hundreds of times without losing their appeal, in particular on his solo album Grace/Wastelands (2009). Poet but also painter, he is a multi-talented artist who has a lot to offer.

– His romantic influences and inspirations, whether it is his look but also his out-of-this epoch rock star attitude, which astonished a generation looking for idols and fascinated by characters like Jim Morrison or 1970s Keith Richards.

– His rehab, which seems over and successful, which gives his fans a new hope: there is already a new Libertines album (rather good!) and a tour, and soon, we hope, new music fron this tortured and extraordinary artist.

Adopt Peter Doherty’s look

– A close-fitting black suite with a white shirt and/or, as you see fit, a slim tie or an opened shirt with a lucky charm necklace
– Fine gauge cashmere sweaters
– For a casual look, get yourself a Fred Perry shirt
– Mandatory accessory: the hat!


– Black and white for a “smart” look
– The Union Jack’s colours in dashes
– Faded colours for the accessories