Metronomy Moodboard

ID card

Nationality : English
Year of creation : 1999
Members : Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior, Olugbenga Adelekan
Label : Because Music
Genre(s) : Electro, Indie-rock
Lastalbum : Love Letters (2014)

Facebook585k fans
YouTube120k followers
Soundcloud : 47k followers

“The Bay”

Why Metronomy ?

Choosing Metronomy and Joseph Mount, the band’s founder, to start this blog was a no-brainer given that this band crystallizes everything that gave me the idea for this project. “The Bay” is the first track I ever bought on iTunes, back from a business trip to Berlin where I analyzed our neighbours’ men’s fashion. I remained glued to its video (watch it on the left-side) for weeks, fascinated by this atmosphere worthy of a James Bond movie from the seventies.

Metronomy in three key ideas

– A chic and ever-changing electro-pop music with melodies that make you want to dance in the sunset
– A retro-futuristic universe, visually impressive
– A look that is elegant and kitsch at the same time

Looks to borrow

– A coloured suit with a close-fitting black turtleneck sweater
– A white fitted suit with a navy blue shirt with polka dots, buttoned up to the collar


– Total white look
– Past colours: faded roses, blue jeans and ocher
– The mix of burgundy and black