Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Moodboard

Who is Lemmy?

Lemmy was the leader of iconic heavy metal band Motörhead. He was English, and it is totally weird writing about him in the past tense. He is a legend and made a lifelong impression on millions of fans thanks to his music, his unusual look, his facial hair style, his passion for nazi memorabilia, the Beatles and the Ramones. His unalterable badass rock’n’roll speed-pills-popping warrior attitude helped defined heavy metal.

Lemmy’s music

His instruments are his bass guitar and his voice. The former, he plays it fast, very fast, just like a rythmic guitar, and loud, very loud, helped by the wall made of Marshall amps which accompany him everywhere (including his memorial service). This is heavy metal, but as he reminded his audience before every show, it is first and foremost rock’n’roll, and this alloy was what made Motörhead’s music so special. His rough voice also inspired tons of metal singers.

Lemmy’s look

Lemmy’s look is a perfect blend of clothes that are unwearables for ordinary mortals like us. He was mixing vintage Wehrmacht (ca. 1942) accessories and clothes with rock bands t-shirts, cowboy boots and hats. And if it was too hot outside, Lemmy would simply put on a deni mini-short, because why the hell not. Friendly advice: don’t ever try the total Lemmy look, he is the only one who can pull it off with class.

How to get Lemmy’s look

– T-shirt from a loud rock band (Motörhead of course, but also Slayer, Ramones, Dead Kennedys…)
– Sleeveless washed denim jacket
– The forever-fashionable leather jacket
– And only if you assume it completely, the cowboy boots (the classic ones, don’t go too crazy)


– Let’s stick to the basics ! Black for the leather jackets and t-shirts
– Stone (the washed blue for the 80s) for the jeans
– For a bit more fancyness, wear badges with dashes of golden threads

Illustration photo (c) Richard Holzer

“Ace of Spades”

“Overkill” (live)

ID card

Nationality: English
Year of birth: 1945
Bands: Motörhead
Label: SPV
Genre : Hard-Rock
Last album : Anthems For Doomed Youth (The Libertines, 2015)


Official website: imotorhead.com
Facebook2.7M fans
Twitter: 577K abonnés