Jungle Moodboard

ID card

Nationality : English
Year of birth : 20132
Birthname : Josh Lloyd-Watson, Tom McFarland
Label: XL Recordings
Genre : Modern soul
Last album : Jungle (2014)


Official website: junglejunglejungle.com/
Facebook139K fans
Instagram14K followers


“Busy Earnin'” (live Canal+)

“The Heat” (live P4K Fest)

Why Jungle?

Do you know Jungle? I hope not, because Jungle is one of those bands you dream to introduce to everyone you meet, even if you have to literally harass them to make them finally listen to it. It’s been for us one of the best musical discoveries of 2014, and even after three concerts in less than a year, we are still not quite satisfied.

It’s hard to imagine that behind Jungle hide two white boys from England, whose complexion shades no doubt as to a life spent under the London rain. Jungle or the art of camouflage, which tells us of a affiliation with Daft Punk which goes beyond the music. They have a way to elegantly hide themselves behind their concept and music, whether via dance crews in their music videos, or in the subtle twilight of their shows.

Jungle in three key ideas

– Musically speaking, let’s be totally subjective for a moment, their first album is a total sonic orgy which has had to put the competition on their knees and boosted Jungle to the status of musical phenomenon. It’s a modern soul album, dazzling and warm, with hypnotizing melodies and vocal harmonies, and those devilish rhythms that make even Angela Merkel dance.
– Fantastically simple music videos in which you don’t see the band but awesome hip hop dancers and crews (take a look at “Platoon” on your left) which somehow take the tracks to another level.
– A slick production and lots of sonic details within each track (“Drops” might be the best example) which make even the 354th listen as enjoyable as the first.

Looks to borrow from Jungle

– You can dare the total look sweatpants, but prefer neutral tones (black, white, grey).
– The baseball t-shirt with a vintage print and a close-fitting jeans.
– For the safari look, choose monochrome shades of camouflage or dashes of colored camouflage prints.


– Neutral black and white for the sportswear outfits.
– Mustard yellows and khaki greens for the camouflage motifs.
– Bottle blues for the nylon tops with sleeves.
– Dashes of gold and silver

Main photo credits: Rémy Grandroques