Eagles of Death Metal

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Nationality: American
Year of creation: 1998
Members: Josh Homme, Jesse Hughes, David Catching, Brian O’Connor
Label: Downtown Records
Genre : Garage rock
Last album : Heart On (2008)


Official website: eodm.com
Facebook260K fans
YouTube2,8K followers

“I Want You So Hard”

“Speaking in Tongues”

Why Eagles of Death Metal?

Because they are adorable. Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme are two rockers, childhood friends, talented troublemakers who made rock’n’roll the common denominator of their lives. Respectively moustached and slicked, they joyfully slalom between the american rock clichés. In this article we focused on the man with the moustache, Jesse Hughes, but both their looks are in the same vein than their music, but let’s talk about that below.

Eagles of Death Metal in three key ideas

– They produce a rock’n’roll full of awesome guitar riffs and high-pitched voices. When introducing the band to someone, you feel like you have to start with: “… but they’re not doing death metal!”. With EODM, there is always something off-beat, out of step, and a lot of irony as well. Lyrics are funny and it can look burlesque at times. Simply said, they have fun and we have fun with them, each album being a little rock’n’roll orgy.
– We saw them only once live, and Josh Homme was not there, but the band’s performance, and especially Jesse’s, was out of this world. No bullshit, no posture, just a big piece of fun and rock’n’roll, for them and the audience and everybody left the venue sweaty.
– Their new album comes out beginning of october, and we will be in the first row to listen to it and go see them again do their thing in concert.

Looks to borrow from Eagles of Death Metal

The subtility of the look is to play around with the classic american style by adding a twist, and not being afraid of the ridicule.

Essential elements of the look:
– Fitted plaid shirts and jeans
– Perfecto jacket or sleeveless denim jacket
– Favour the chelsea boots rather than the cowboy boots

Now sprinkle this classic rock look with accessoires from different american dress codes: Ray-Ban glasses, baseball-style t-shirt, Buffalo Bill moustache, golden necklaces, hats… Mix everything, and you get a Jesse “The Devil” Hughes look!


– Indigo denim colours for jeans, shirts and jackets.
– For plaid shirts you can choose colour shades and if you like taking risks you can test multi-colour dashes but always keep red dominant.
– For accessories, favour brown patina.

Main photo credits: Chapman Baehler