Diplo Moodboard

ID card

Nationality : American
Year of birth : 1978
Birthname : Wesley Pentz
Bands: Major Lazer, Jack Ü
Genre : Electronic
Last album : Peace Is the Mission (2015)
Notorious ex : M.I.A.


Soundcloud6.5M followers
Facebook2M fans
Twitter1.5M followers
Instagram1.5M followers

“Lean On” (feat. MØ)

“Watch Out For This (Bumaye)”

“Butter’s Theme”

Why Diplo?

Diplo, or how a superstar DJ almost became a paleontologist (his childhood passion). Diplo, or the guy who produces music which makes you want to twerk like a coked out Miley Cyrus. His primitive beats, his music’s sweaty caribbean sensuality, his huge popularity from the most knowledgeable critics to the MTV viewers… It is this hip hop and electronic world we wanted to explore. Diplo is still hesitating between the Justin Timberlake suit and tie and Eminem tank top, an in-between also found in his music.

Diplo in three key ideas

– A big fan of Miami bass music (this) and Dirty south hip hop (that), Diplo took this beat-heavy and bouncing music and brought some 80s pop, electronica and reggae influences to the mix. Yes, that’s a pretty explosive mixture, and it is Diplo’s genius to combine all those elements to produce mixtapes, remixes and original tracks which make critics and fans dance since more than ten years.
– A jamaican bounty hunter named Major Lazer, offspring of a collaboration with DJ Switch, conceptual reggae/dancehall project and sound system which is constantly touring the world since 2008.
– Various collaborations which make him reach the superstar status, starting with M.I.A., and more recently Skrillex, MØ or Justin Bieber.

Looks to borrow from Diplo

– The way-too-adjusted tank top stolen on the set of a blockbuster movie from the 90s starring Bruce Willis, but only if you got the 6-pack which goes with it. If not, prefer a basic short-sleeves tee-shirt.
– Relaxed pants : either a jogpants or play it like it’s still 1995 with a cargo pants. In this case, choose a close-fitting one.
– Dare the wax (printed fabric from Africa) ! But only dashes: a scarf, a printed tee-shirt or a long short.


– Neutral khakis for the pants
– Heather-effect whites and greys for t-shirts, shirts and sweats
– Multicolour dashes (again, don’t go crazy, except if you work for Desigual)

Main photo credits: rukes.com