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Daft Punk
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Nationality: French
Year of creation: 1993
Members: Thomas Bangalter, Guys-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Label: Columbia
Genre : Electro, House
Last album : Random Access Memories (2013)


Official website: daftpunk.com
Facebook13.7M fans
YouTube1.9M followers

“One More Time”

“Around the World”

“Lose Yourself to Dance”

The Daft Punk transformations

When we talk of Daft Punk and style, it would be a bit simplistic to limit ourselves to the robot helmet, but it definitely the first that comes to mind. When they started in the nineties, they had an ordinary look, at least for the period : flared trousers, adjusted polo with retro writings, Adidas Originals jackets or suede jackets ; in short, a neo-seventies trend that was big at that time.

Then success showed up, and with it the desire for anonymity and an artistic universe in which they could hide.

With Discovery (1999), they created a manga-inspired universe, an aesthetic they will not just use for their music, but their videos, their clothes and of course their helmets which sparkle with LED messages which replace their faces. An electro-pop aesthetic with a hint of kitsch.

Their next phase a darker and more metallic. With Human After All (2004), colours fade away to make place for a more sober approach where robotics become the center of their musical and stylistic inspirations. The Daft have lost their humanity.

And they find it back in 2013 with their last album, directly inspired by the seventies and filled with tributes. Their costume, a piece by St-Laurent, has glitters and their helmets shine like disco balls overhanging old-school dance-floors. 

The Daft Punk style cocktail

– 1/3 disco
– 1/3 japanese manga inspiration
– 1/3 smart clothes


– Black, white and golden dashes for a three-piece suit
– Dashes of colours on an embroidery on a dark bomber jacket for example
– Dashes of sheen: gloves, suit pocket…